Why Managed IT Services ?

When your technology systems fail, you are often at the mercy of someone else’s availability or expertise.

You might have different companies and providers to interact with to keep the systems and infrastructures running smoothly.

Sissine’s Office Systems IncWhether you have an in-house IT person, or team that needs assistance with co-managed IT services, or you are a business that needs fully-managed IT services: Sissine’s is here to help!

Meet Sissine’s IT Solutions

Our mission is to help you focus on what matters for your business. We strive to provide only the best products, services, and solutions in each industry. We create and support robust technologies and infrastructures, prevent problems before they happen, and have fast, friendly, and reliable support services…all for one flat monthly fee.

If you’re ready to protect your business against the loss of productivity, extended downtime, and high support fees, then you’re more than ready for fully-managed IT services.

Six Reasons why Managed IT Services are right for your business. 

Time Savings
Instead of just waiting for something to break, our experts proactively monitor your systems. We conduct preventive maintenance and detect/eliminate problems before they occur, saving you time and money. 

Seamless from the start
We specialize in working with the technology you already have and seamlessly integrating them with the technology and infrastructure you need.

This ensures a smooth and steady transition from the start. No interruptions and no downtime. We are a new partner you can finally trust and who will mature your technology deployments and standards.

What you need and nothing more
We are known for being honest and transparent with our customers about which services are right for their business. You will never be over-investing in your technology and services because every solution we provide comes tailored to your needs, resources, and budget. 

Real Support
The Sissine’s Service Desk is ready to support you with lightning speed.

We provide a combination of remote access logins, support calls, and on-site field support.

We will make sure your issues are addressed and fixed promptly and professionally.

No Mumbo Jumbo Tech Rambling
At Sissine’s we carefully select each technician based on their ability to communicate as well as their technical skills. We make sure you not only understand what’s happening, but you will work with a friendly person improving the end user support experience for your employees. 

We provide the reliability, urgency, and call to action you need to manage your technology, so you can focus on productivity and profitability. We never call in sick, complain or take a vacation, so we are always available to step in and assist you.