IT Services

In the business world, technological systems and infrastructures are a must. When these systems fail you are often at the mercy of another individual’s availability or expertise.

You may even have different companies and providers to interact with in order to keep everything working.

Sissine’s IT Services allows ease of mind with dedicated technicians who evaluate your needs and work with your organization for the smoothest, most seamless experience possible.

Sissine’s Office Systems Inc


Whether you have an in-house IT person, a team that needs assistance with co-managed IT services, or you are a business that needs fully-managed IT services, Sissine’s is here to help!

Our goal is to create a comprehensive roadmap of your current technology infrastructure and identify inefficiencies. Sissine’s is then able to be proactive, anticipating and solving problems before they cause damage to day-to-day operations.

What this means for you

Time Savings
Instead of waiting for problems to occur our experts proactively monitor your systems. We conduct preventive maintenance that deter crashes and saves time and money.

Seamless from the start
We specialize in working with tools you already have, combining them with the technology and infrastructure you need.

This ensures a smooth transition. No interruptions or downtime.

What you need and nothing more
Sissine’s honesty and transparency is well known throughout the northern and central regions of Florida as well as the southern region of Georgia. We pride ourselves in meeting customer’s needs with affective and affordable services tailored to their resources and budget.

Real Support
The Sissine’s Service Desk aims to serve all customers with lightning speed through a combination of remote access logins, support calls, and on-site field support.

We will make sure all issues are addressed and fixed promptly.

Language you can understand
At Sissine’s we carefully select each technician based on their ability to communicate as well as their technical skills. We make sure you not only understand what’s happening, but that all personnel are friendly, improving the end user support experience for your employees.

We provide the reliability and urgency you need to manage your technology. This allows your sole focus to be on productivity and profitability. Sissine’s IT is there for you 24/7, 365 days.

Make technology issues that affect productivity a thing of the past with one flat monthly fee, Sissine’s is here to revolutionize and improve your business through technology.

 Dedicated SupportDedicated Technicians
We provide technical support for any of your computers, tablets, servers, network, software, e-mail, or internet issues. Our team of experts is ready and available to answer your questions, log-in remotely, and get you up and running FAST. If we can’t resolve the problem remotely we’ll come to you.
Proactive Maintenance & SupportMaintenance & Support
Systems and services are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure a timely response to any issue. Sissine’s helps keep all systems running at optimal level while proactively avoiding challenges. To further ensure quality service, systematic updates and maintenance are run on all devices. You’ll never miss another patch, update, or hotfix.
Security & ProtectionSecurity & Protection
Maintaining and securing intel, data, and machines is extremely important. Sissine’s safeguards your business from a breach of sensitive data with ongoing vulnerability management and risk assessments. These precautions keep your systems safe for operation and for conducting business with customers and vendors.
Server ManagementServer Management
Whether in an office, data center, or in the cloud, servers are the heart and soul of all business operations. As your IT team, we’re continuously monitoring the overall health, speed, and connectivity. Through conducting active tests, Sissine’s is able to upkeep your critical server functions to increase speed and reliability.
Network ManagementNetwork Management
Network management is the cornerstone of business productivity. We pride ourselves on our 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 management. That means from your Internet connections to remote offices, servers, applications, to your printers and everything in between stay up and running.
Data Backup & RecoveryData Backup & Recovery
At Sissine’s, we know how critical sensitive information and business continuity is to any business. Our tools and data experts monitor the success or failure of every backup.
Hosted & Secure E-MailHosted & Secure E-Mail
E-mails, alike other aspects of technology have become an important part of any organization. Sissine’s provides support for your current e-mail solution in addition to offering a secure hosted e-mail solution to suit your business needs. We’ll support you in making key decisions about your e-mail solution, integrating your mobile devices, and anti-spam protection.
Cloud IntegrationCloud Integration
Cloud can provide many benefits such as reduced hardware costs and operational reliability improvement. Cloud also allows remote access to email, core files and systems limitlessly.
However, fusing existing technology and Cloud services can be challenging. Sissine’s can help you virtualize your operations.
Consulting & ProjectsConsulting & Projects
With over 35 years of industry experience, Sissine’s consulting and project planning services continue to help develop technology road maps for optimal growth. We will help you navigate the sea of prices, options, features, and specs of all the greatest options for your business needs. Stop guessing and start getting things done.