Company Overview

Today’s complex business environments require effective solutions to operate efficiently. The equipment you use proves invaluable to productivity and efficiency of almost every aspect of your operation. It’s not just about paper anymore. The business today integrates local and wide area network, ensures equipment compatibility, and widely implements document storage for reasons including efficiency and disaster recovery.

At Sissine’s Office Systems, Inc. we have been addressing the changing needs of our clients since 1981 by providing best-in-class equipment, outstanding service, and exceptional support. Sissine’s offers the latest in digital office technology including a full line of award winning copiers, printers, faxes, wide format printers, and electronic document storage solutions. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Copystar, Lanier, Canon, and Lexmark office equipment. We are fully trained and equipped to serve our clients with the latest total document solutions.

Sissine’s Office Systems Inc.Sissine’s Office Systems achieves the respect and confidence of thousands of customers in Florida from over 31 years of business. We commit to personalized and professional service to each of our customers. Our trained Digital Solutions Consultants analyze your office environment by considering factors such as the equipment you currently use, possible periods or areas of high demand, future growth expectations, as well as the trends and expected developments within our industry. This method derives the most efficient and cost effective solutions for you.

Sissine’s understands that the right equipment does not always fall with today’s budget-conscious operational requirements. Therefore, we have assembled a number of leases and financing options to help you deploy the equipment you need today for the growth you expect tomorrow.

The Company philosophy is to provide “Automated Service & Supplies” with a decentralized structure, regional operations will maintain their success and management, preserving and building upon existing customer relationships.

Mission Statement:
Sissine’s Office Solutions strives to provide only the best products and services in each industry. We will provide the most advanced technology, service, and staff only after we have identified the most efficient, productive, and economical opportunities for each customer. We translate these advanced technologies
into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and consulting businesses.

Goals & Objectives:
The company goals are to think BIG, constantly educate our staff, and constantly evolve with up and
coming technology. Sissine’s Office Solutions is a successful company that is a leader in customer service
and has a loyal customer following. The goal is to maintain customer satisfaction by obtaining 99% retention on current customers.

Founded in 1981, Sissine’s Office Systems continues to be a powerhouse of local leadership, unmatched customer support, and world-class technologies. Utilizing this proven business model, Sissine’s has grown to 5 locations with more to come.

Our Focus

Our consultants are focused on generating value for our clients by identifying operational inefficiencies and providing solutions through proprietary tools and best practices. Through our process, Sissine’s provides sustainable solutions for optimizing business workflows.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Innovation

Our Approach

Our approach helps our customers manage information more efficiently, providing top line and bottom-line profits, thus allowing enterprises to focus on their other business priorities. As a valued partner to companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500, Sissine’s has scalable technology solutions to meet your unique objectives.

The Sissine’s Difference

Sissine’s Office Systems Inc.Customer Service

  • 100% Customer Service and Equipment Guarantee
  • Dedicated Technicians
  • Local Billing
  • Local Parts and Warehouse
  • On Site Emergency Supplies
  • Summary and Itemized Billing
  • Automatic Meter Reads
  • Loaner Program
  • Local Dispatch
  • On Going Training
  • Remote Online Assistance
  • System Engineer Support